Problems of Current Status

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NETON provides a new paradigm.

Non-face-to-face platform era is now on us, and NETON has found some problems that are necessary to be resolved.

For Business, insufficient information is the main problem. Lack of company information makes it difficult to propose ideas. Matching relevant departments will be hard and insufficient performance due to change in person in charge are problems that can follow.

Matching with limited business is definitely a problem that needs to be resolved in the perspective of businesses.

In the case of advertising, although the marketing expenses cost a lot, the relatively low reliability occurs due to lack of company request and communication and insufficient public relations network establishments.

There are community problems as well. Lack of business community among companies occur, and insufficient compensation for community use leads to difficulty in forming consensus. This influence service quality, leading to the inefficiencies in the supply of goods and services.

Platforms also face difficulties. Difficulty in business matching between companies and buyers with domestic companies are the main issue. Platform Management in addition, is also hard since there is difficulty in managing participants, and insufficient content desired by the company. The hassle of managing and collecting participants is surely a pain for platforms.

NETON supports connectivity in the form of intermediaries between businesses, opening a specialized network and offering rewards for large numbers of B2C participation. With this networking and network expansion, the NETON platform can provide connectivity for a variety of companies. Through this, companies can receive the right amount of business connectivity they need.




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The NETON is for all ages It is designed so that it can be used easily by people of all ages. It is developed to build the desired human network infrastructure.