[NETON] Neton Platform Introduction

  • Domestic and international business experts and businessmen in various fields are connected and matched as business partners
  • Support for electronic contract service using blockchain direct technology
  • Establishing a new business model for entrepreneurs such as venture companies, startups, and manufacturing sectors in a non-face-to-face society
  • Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms analyze users’ search history data to recommend customized companies
  • Prior to matching between companies, match with accurate analysis of business areas and products for clear matching with corporate data analysis
  • Business people need to share business ideas non-face-to-face through a net-on platform
  • Business matching that allows you to drive your business together as a direct business partner based on matching requirements



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The NETON is for all ages It is designed so that it can be used easily by people of all ages. It is developed to build the desired human network infrastructure.