[NETON] NETON APP functionality

3 min readNov 23, 2022

Hello, we’re Neton. :)

Let me introduce the Neton APP function!





It is a development-type collaboration platform that provides business communities such as business ideas, collaboration, and sharing of businesses, focusing on matching services of users for blockchain-based business.


We support general membership and SNS membership (KAKAO).


It provides a matching service that analyzes data such as industry, location, and interest once a day.


You can check the matches that I applied for or the other person applied for me at a glance, and manage the users that I want and need.

Promoting my business

Promote my business to Neton users through my profile
It does, and you can connect directly to your online business using the Link service.


Provide an autonomous business community. Share your ideas or business ideas with other Neton users to get verified, collaborated, and helped, and advertise your products. In addition, by sharing various business information, information acquisition activities of business operators are possible.

1:1 conversation system

Supports 1:1 chat between users and users. It provides 1:1 real-time push chat (conversation) service using GOOGLE FIREBASE FCM, and other functions necessary for business-related conversations such as file transfer and location transfer are provided and continuously added.

Location-based service

Using the location information using the GPS module of the smart device, Neton users (business operators) around me can know the information at a glance. Near-range alignment based on my location and quickly identify users in areas of interest using the Map (MAP) service.


You can have conversations in your daily life that are not limited to conversations or formalities
Neton supports to have. It’s a community that users
Provides space.

Promoting their own videos

Share promotional videos of companies and members registered with Neton or Neton
Provides opportunities for promotion using infrastructure. This enables us to promote a business that is linked to partnership, investment, and consulting.


Compensation will be incurred for all parts of the Net-On service.
You can exchange earned rewards for net-on tokens. A mission will be provided for net-on activities and points will be awarded upon completion.




So that you can connect to each other through Neton and make a brighter light, Provide clean, honest services based on the right technology for businesses and people We will become a company that makes dreams a reality by focusing more on creating a happy world.

Thank you. :)




The NETON is for all ages It is designed so that it can be used easily by people of all ages. It is developed to build the desired human network infrastructure.