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Hello, we’re Neton. :)

November 1, 2022
To communicate about questions, improvements, and suggestions about the Neton project,
We had a live AMA (ASK ME ANYTHING) with global users.

A brief overview of AMA’s questions and answers




Q1. Tell me about Neton. How is it playing a role in the blockchain space?

“NETON” is a combination of Network and On, meaning, “When you connect each other, you always get a bright light.”
Connecting each other to shine symbolizes the dynamism of the neton and its constant progress. Neton’s platform is an innovative matching platform developed with Ethereum-based blockchain technology. A platform that matches businesses and businesses or different people to increase market competitiveness It provides a biz matching service that shares and matches each other so that they can pursue their business together if necessary.
It also uses high-security electronic wallets and cryptocurrencies, including user accounts, platform activities, You can control a variety of functions, including services. In addition, to revitalize the platform ecosystem while providing multi-service, Neton Token (NTO), a payment method, is supported and managed. Neton’s blockchain ecosystem complements each other with governance, token economy, and technology.
The key features of the net-on blockchain are dispersibility, scalability, transparency, security, and stability.

Q2. What makes Neton stand out and who is its competitor?

Working, meetings, classes, etc. as “social distancing” becomes the best way to prevent the spread of infection due to COVID-19 Social activities and daily lives have changed rapidly in a non-face-to-face manner.
It is a society where everyone communicates non-face-to-face through huge and rapid networks at the same time, and the current society is in the era of non-face-to It’s getting harder for businesses and entrepreneurs to find the connections and partners they need In a diversified social environment, companies are missing out on good opportunities because they are not making inroads into the global market. Global dinosaur companies are also monopolizing profits There is no compensation for companies and nodes that contributed to the growth of services, Matching service companies are indifferent to compensation payments for matching companies as they earn commercial profits There is a problem with the market. This problem is caused by a blockchain-based biz matching service, which is a net-on platform service It can solve the difficulties faced by connecting domestic and foreign companies, companies, and customers
Through the token economy, participants can grow the ecosystem together and reasonably share the fruits. Competitors selected for similarity with this app, number of users, target customer base, and supported business areas areIt’s a game business matching platform called It’s Game. Neton has limited matching areas, lack of registered game companies, and lack of corporate list management of “It’s Game” Detailed and accurate corporate information and periodic management of the list of companies have provided a way to supplement it.

Q3. Can you share how users can get the most out of your platform and make a fortune?

What tools and other things are available to users? Compensation for providing corporate & user information, compensation for biz matching through biz matching platform, Promoting and recommending biz matching platforms on SNS, compensation for writing reviews, electronic contracts, communities, etc Tokens can be earned by compensation based on contribution.

Q4. What is the team like in this bear market?

Neton’s team can be found at https://neton.kr/#team.

Q5. Can you tell me about Neton’s investors and sponsors?

Neton’s investors and sponsors are nbn internal and external economic TV, Boram Sangjo People, COSTER, HAEORM, EME. TEAM A COMPANY,




Neton will continue to Through smooth communication with users,

we share the direction of the biz matching platform

I will make it with the users :)

Please be looking forward for it! 😊




The NETON is for all ages It is designed so that it can be used easily by people of all ages. It is developed to build the desired human network infrastructure.