NETON 2023 Renewal Announcement

1 min readJun 8, 2023

Hello, this is NETON!

We are pleased to announce that the NETON website has been renewed! The company website, whitepaper one-page, and matching services have been integrated into a new page. The revamped NETON website will provide diverse and innovative features and matching services. Additionally, we are conducting development and research to incorporate blockchain technology into our matching services.

Key updates and features include:

  1. Integration of Matching Services: NETON provides matching services in various fields, including employment, talent recruitment, and finding partners. We support optimal matches in a wide range of areas.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: We have improved the user experience with a new interface and intuitive design. Users can easily access desired information and services.

NETON will continue to evolve as a platform for your success and encounters in various fields. We are committed to providing better services and innovative technologies, and we value your opinions and feedback.

Visit the newly revamped NETON company website to explore a wide range of services and benefits.

Thank you.

[NETON Team]




The NETON is for all ages It is designed so that it can be used easily by people of all ages. It is developed to build the desired human network infrastructure.